WebTrust for Certification Authorities (CA)

Ensuring the privacy of online shoppers has become one of the most critical factors affecting e-commerce and consumer confidence. In order to increase the confidence of online consumers, WebTrust was developed to provide businesses and individuals with a trusted, verified standard for online privacy concerns.

Websites that consistently meet specific business standards are granted a WebTrust seal, which is issued by CPA Canada. WebTrust is unique in that it is the only seal administered by a third-party. In other words, it is earned not purchased.

Why SSF?

There are only eight CPA firms licensed by CPA Canada as WebTrust Practitioners in the United States, and SSF is one of those eight. We have been performing WebTrust for Certification Authorities (CA) audits for nearly a decade, so if your company operates its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or CA infrastructure, SSF can help you achieve WebTrust certification.

WebTrust Leadership

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Jeff StarkRisk Assurance Practice Leader
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Brian Beal
Brian BealRisk Assurance Director
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