State and Local 税 (SALT)

Understanding a company’s business tax and sales and use tax obligations are now more important than ever in light of South Dakota v. Wayfair. 之前 Wayfair, a seller needed physical presence to trigger nexus in a state. Now, mere sales into a state can trigger economic nexus. For sales tax purposes, economic nexus has been enacted in every state that collects sales tax, with Missouri being the final state to come on board effective January 1, 2023.

Companies who sell tangible personal property, 信誉美高梅网址, software and cloud computing products/信誉美高梅网址 should take steps to make themselves aware of where and when they cross the nexus thresholds in a state, not only for sales tax purposes but also for income, 特许经营, and gross receipt taxes that are assessed on the business entity. How does a company accomplish that when the rules and thresholds are different in every state? The best way to keep on top of evolving nexus laws is to have the SSF SALT team to perform a nexus study for business activity tax and sales and use tax.

A nexus study is an in-depth analysis that will evaluate your companies economic and physical nexus. We can also calculate potential tax liability, provide taxability guidance, prepare voluntary disclosure agreements (VDA) and more.

SALT 信誉美高梅网址

  • Nexus studies
  • Preparation and review of business license taxes based on gross receipts
    • Washington Business & Occupation 税
    • Ohio Commercial Activity 税
    • Oregon Corporate Activity 税
    • San Francisco Gross Receipts 税
    • Los Angeles Business License 税
    • Nevada Commerce 税
    • Tennessee Business 税
  • Voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Business registrations
  • SALT accounting due diligence
  • Multistate tax issues for non-US based companies
  • Alternative apportionment petitions
  • Sales sourcing analysis
  • State issued nexus questionnaires
  • Multistate tax controversy and audit defense
  • Item taxability review
  • Sales and use tax overpayment recovery
  • Sales and use tax systems review and process improvement
  • General state tax planning and consulting

Our SALT Practice Serves the following 行业:

Manufacturing and Distribution





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